As human beings we are capable of building the most amazing and intriguing of items yet at the same time would not hesitate to tear it all down

Welcome to the Humble Talk Podcast (HTP), the website that accompanies the audio podcast series.

The aim of this first post is to set the scene and give you an understanding for the reasons behind the podcast and the motivations behind the website and its contents. I will firstly outline what the HTP is and then provide the reasons behind creating the it and the website. I will then conclude by sharing how you, yes you, can get involved.


What is the Humble Talk Podcast?

The Humble Talk Podcast is an insightful discussion with your average man or woman about their life. The aim is to have a thoughtful discussion with my guest about moments in their life, from childhood to adulthood. The guests will share their interests, trials and tribulations as well as items that some listeners may feel is mundane, but mean alot to our respective guest. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder don’t you know!



 As a young teenager growing up in multi-cultural and cosmopolitan London, I would be out and about being a typical inner city kid. Every so often I would find myself looking at a random adult or another kid and for a split moment think out loud to myself, "I wonder what journey this person has been on and what cumulative decisions in their life have they taken which has led them to be where they are now, at this moment, at this particular time and in this particular location".  It has always bugged me as to why I started to have and kept having such moments and thoughts…so I created a podcast to fulfil my curiosity. Hey! If you can’t beat them join them!


Reason behind putting all of this together.

To set the scene for this content below, it might be best to highlight my role in this whole operation.

I am the creator, the host of the podcast itself and the developer of the Humble Talk Podcast. I have some awesome individuals who I consider to be part of the small team. I lean on them for studio space, logo design and guest photography and I am very much grateful for their contribution.


Skill attainment / maintainment (yes I just made it up, and yep you are right, it should be in the dictionary):

Every aspect of the site was designed and developed by myself and since I am not a designer I took design inspirations from a vast array of websites before settling on the current design. Yesss! I knew my few years as a front-end developer, before moving server side, would come in useful.

Apologies for the nerdy lingos in the next paragraph. As a Software Engineer by trade I wanted to use Humble Talk Podcast as an opportunity to learn and maintain numerous new aspects of software development. I don’t always get the opportunity to do so in my current employment. As an employee, you are there to fulfil the objective of the business first and foremost. Amongst other aspects, I wanted to take advantage of the latest features in Java, Spring framework (Springboot) and the cloud, in this case Amazon AWS.  This whole site is a custom built J2EE CMS web application with a user facing side, an example being this particular page, an admin side where I log in to produce content for your entertainment and a Java based server side with connection to a database. I will be continually developing the site so stay tuned for more features.

The Software Engineering field is very diverse with so many ways to achieve the same outcome. In addition to this, new and efficient ways are always rearing their head to make life as a coder that much simpler, Kotlin anybody. This will give me an opportunity to experiment and gain experience with these new tools/features, should the opportunity arise at work, I am ready.


Put ideas to fruition:

A wise man once said that “talk is cheap”, or was it “actions speak louder than words”?  I have big personal reservations when it comes to not taking advantage of opportunities and wasting time. I feel extremely guilty when I find myself sitting for even an hour or two doing nothing or watching television. I always feel guilty because in my mind I could have been using that time to learn something new. I then find myself reaching for the laptop to work on ideas, while still watching the television programme… kill the guilt and keep on chilling; win, win.


As a software Engineer, you always have these grand ideas that you always foresee making the world a better place. So when I had the Humble Talk Podcast idea, I wanted to put the little free time I have after work, to good use!


Personal interest in people:

You could say I am a nosey bugger or as they say in Scotland “a wee Isa”, a very nosey character in the popular Scottish comedy sitcom, “Still Game”. (see video above).

In addition to the earlier explanation of what the Humble Talk Podcast is, I am simply very intrigued by your average person. I enjoy knowing about ordinary people and I like listening to their explanation of what they believe makes them who they are or simply what makes them tick. As human beings we are capable of building the most amazing and intriguing of items yet at the same time would not hesitate to tear it all down for the most meaningless reasons. I like to think that the Humble Talk Podcast, with each episode, leads me to understand these fragile and yet dangerous and pervasive species a little at a time. It might take a million episodes, but luckily I have time on my hands.


To conclude the post, Humble Talk Podcast is great and you should get involved! You can contact us via the site with your message and we will get back to you.

All episodes are conducted face to face and we want to keep it that way but if you have a story about yourself, or something you are doing in which would intrigue people, still get involved and we can put it in a post as part of the People Series Blog posts.

In addition to this, you can get involved by giving suggestions and feedback. A donation option will be made available in the near future if you appreciate what we are doing and would like to buy us an alcoholic free orange juice.