HTP GUEST: Nana Hughes-Lartey LIST VIEW 


PODCAST: HTP 10: Nana Hughes-Lartey


Consider Nana that friend who gives you advice on getting better in digital and in life. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience within User Interface and interaction design. Having graduated from a top Glasgow University with distinction.


Nana has designed and built applications from the ground up, successfully pitched for investment, and launched products online. He knows the pitfalls and triumphs of starting a digital business and loves bringing ideas to life.


No need to go to medium or Quora to get your motivational chat as Nana loves talking about self-improvement and ways of being a better person. He’s a man with a love for design and writing sleek code. As a designer-developer hybrid, Nana loves tackling complex problems with the goal of simple and elegant solutions. Bold and ambitious, Nana brings a pragmatic optimism that’s hard not to be inspired by.


Tha BizNaz:

Nana and his team are a user experience and interface design studio built upon understanding how people and digital connect. They put the user first when designing experiences and interfaces for modern web and devices.