Prophet MC

I dropped out after 7 months

HTP 16 Prophet MC


Prophet MC was born in the Gambia and moved to Glasgow at the age of 18 for his studies.

However, sometimes with all dreams, some of us have to make sacrifices and in the case of Prophet MC, it was his education.

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Katrina Hayes

I was able to make a position for myself

HTP 15 Katrina Hayes


HTP 15: Katrina Hayes

A driven single mother with two lovely children. She is very confident in herself and in her ability to create opportunities for herself, even in difficult situations.

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Kemono Riot

To chase my dream I run away from home.

HTP 14: Kemono L Riot


Kemono L. Riot is an artist with skills in many disciplines. He is a talented dancer well known for his unique Krump style in Scotland a beyond, he is a member of an aspiring rap group and still find time to dabble in some artistic work in his passion field of Anime.

Kemono Has been through some very tough periods in his young life, including a period of homelessness. However, this experience has undoubtedly made the man he is today

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Sam Carter

As soon as I put it on it was one of those magic hats

HTP 12: Sam Carter


Sam Carter is an Award Winning music promoter and agent. Based in Scotland who has worked with the likes of The Game, Snoop Dogg, YG, Rita Ora and many more.

Sam Carter Agency started up in 2011 as a small booking agency for music artists.Since 2011 the company has expanded and we now specialize in hosting concerts & after-parties mainly specializing in the Hip-Hop music industry. 

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Karen Saramandif

My dad has never really been in a job

HTP 12: Karen Saramandif


Karen Saramandif is originally from Mauritius but currently resides in Scotland, Glasgow to be exact, studying Event Management.A field she fell into when given the opportunity to put event management skills to the test as part of small portion in her overall remit as a banker while in Mauritius.

She has a deep love for music and her main goal with event management is to ultimately manage big bands and international artist’s musical events. She is a family girl with fond memories of her father’s ingenious ways of creating music. She also attributes a good deal of her go-getter attitude in life to her mother’s strict discipline.

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Christian Lilombo

We were not classed as citizens.

HTP 11: Christian Lilombo

Nana Hughes-Lartey

My dad came over first, lived by himself for 4 years and just stacked that paper..

HTP 10: Nana Hughes-Lartey


Consider Nana that friend who gives you advice on getting better in digital and in life. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience within User Interface and interaction design. Having graduated from a top Glasgow University with distinction.


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Duncan Tembo

He worked himself to the bone to afford a life style friends could only dream of.

HTP 9: Duncan Tembo


Having begun  at a young age of 15 years, Dunken aka "DMTbeats" found purpose and a spark to be heard. 

Following strenuous encouragement from a close high school friend: DMTbeats entered into the worldwide coveted, "iStandard Music Production contest" online edition. Here the young aspiring Record creator would find prominence and notability.

After earning his place into the contest's final round, after a steady climb above 50,000+ prior submission of his peers, much to his disbelief - DMTbeats found himself among the top 5 remaining contenders.

Despite not winning the contest, having his music listened to and constructively criticized by 1/3 of the Grammy Award winning American record production "J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League" - this was the defining moment that would inspire, motivate and push DMTbeats to more diverse musical achievements in pursuit of making a name for himself in the intimidating world that is the music industry.

From local artists based in and around Glasgow - Scotland, to more international acts discovering his sound from various social media platforms and has even taken the leap into more than just producing good beats into managing artist and as of January 2017, establishing his own Record Label/artist management team: Infinitime Music Group, which in late November 2017, released "Unlove High" from their artist Lauren B. Colli.

With an extensive catalogue of production raging Trap/Hip Hop, Contemporary RnB, House, Funk and EDM, DMTbeats' repertoire of accomplishments is forever growing, with local names including but not limited to: Chayniq (Artist Duo), Scope, R. Pizy, New Born Stars (N.B.S) and Ock Cobain to name a few.

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Lewis Schofield

Looking back at it now, it pretty mad to think what my mum did back then.

HTP 8: Lewis Schofield


Scope is a British hip-hop artist and song-writer who at the age of 20 had early chart success achieving a UK iTunes hip-hop top 10 & top 40 album.
An outstanding performance at the famous T in the Park festival followed in the summer of 2016.

This was one of the high points of a whirlwind of performances, including headlining smaller festivals in the UK.
Scope finished 2016 with a European support tour with international rapper Obie Trice going on to support grime heavyweight Frisco, J-Hus, Not3s, Tinie Tempah and topping off 2017 with a headline show at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut.

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Axel Jane

Your passion brings you to places

HTP 7: Axel Jane


Axel Jane is a member of Jaded Jane - Swedish Soulful-Pop Duo residing in New York / Sweden - Est. 2012

With an inner urge to create music, the story of brothers Axel & Adam began sometime during the 1990's, growing up to the sounds of Motown, The Beatles and Michael Jackson to name a few. Playing together since they were in nappies, the core of "Jaded Jane" has always been the chemistry between the two creators!

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Lauren Colli

Am a heart breaker, haha

HTP 6: Lauren B Colli


Lauren is an American now fully immersed in the Scottish life with special privileges such as “free” (we all chip in through taxes).

Lauren currently works as an exotics dancer in one of Glasgow’s premier gentlemen’s club. She is also an aspiring musician and as of writing was about to release her first single.

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Carla Pisaneschi

I quite vividly remember stalking through the house saying "when are you going to divorce that man?"

HTP 5: Carla Pisaneschi


Carla is a nurse with a passion for her profession.

Carla has Italian blood but has been a Glasgow native for most of her life. When she is not busy looking after patients at National Health Service facility, she can be found in a dance studio somewhere in Glasgow practising to so some Afrobeat, Dancehall or HipHop beats.

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Teeray Grant

They punish you for your personality because they do not know how to cope with that

HTP 4: Teeray Grant


Teeray Grant is from London and as of writing is in the process of completing his education at university. Teeray has never met his father and has intentions of finding out.

He is passionate about politics and has hold deep reservations about the “system” and how in his view is designed to limit a certain group of the population.

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Patrick Iyke

I wanted to be an artist from a young age

HTP 3: Patrick Iyke


Patrick Iyke aka Rpizy is an artist, songwriter, producer who currently resides in Glasgow Scotland.

Patrick was born in Lagos Nigeria but moved to the UK at a young age to join his family.

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Janina Bannerman

I knew I was in trouble when I stayed for breakfast

HTP 2: Janina Bannerman


Janina is wife and a mother who at the time of writing resides in bonny Scotland.

She is originally from Lithuania where she was born and lived till she was 20 and moved to Glasgow.

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