HTP 12: Karen Saramandif
Welcome back everybody! Been a long needed break to get things done, take on feedback and start fresh. Our 1st guest of 2018 goes by the name of Karen from Mauritius and as usual it was an awesome discussion.

Firstly, in the intro I meant 2018 not 2008 so apologies. Based on feedback I have gone and changed the format a bit but having similar sectors and making the podcast a little bit shorter. Any feedback will be welcomed. Head over to the and let your feedback be known via the contact us section.

Karen was the perfect person to start Humble Talk in 2018 with. She comes from a nice sun filled country with a good job but decided to risk it all on a career change in wonderful Scotland.

The website is also up and running so go check it out. Registration and comments have not been activated yet but will be in due course after I get the time to test the code once more over lol.

Please take the time to give us a review on whatever platform you listen to this podcast on, it does makes a difference.